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    Question Discharge Water Keeps Flowing


    I have a Premier 2 Water Furnace ( open loop system ) ATV 045 that has not been any trouble until yesterday. I found that the furnace had shut off, but the water was still flowing from the discharge. This unit has two Solenoid valves in the discharge line. Letting the caveman get the best of me I reached up and tapped one and the water stopped flowing. I also found that one solenoid is warm to the touch and the other is cool, They both have 24 VAC on them when the furnace is running ( stage 1 or stage 2 )

    Has anyone run into this before?

    Where might I get a parts list fot this unit?

    Any and all help will be appreciated !

    Thanks In Advance

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    I had a similar hookup with a WF Premier. My installer used a pair of Taco valves that would last about 4-5 yrs. I used to replace the valve head and guts myself (not the body) when they started to leak or warm up too much. The valves did not come with the furnace, they were chosen by my installer. Perhaps yours were as well.

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    We have read through your comments. This could be as simple as dirt or sand getting caught in the Solenoid valve causing it to stay open. If the solenoid valve does need replacement, a two wire valve is not field serviceable and will need to be replaced. A three wire valve does have a repair kit available; unfortunately, WaterFurnace does not offer the repair kit and we suggest you contact your local contractor or HVAC supply house.

    WaterFurnace International, Inc.

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    Something like this may help also.

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