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Thread: Jace with modem

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    Jace with modem

    What functionality does a modem have in a Jace? Is it only for sending alarms etc. or can the Jace be accessed remotely through the modem?
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    I have attached a GSM modem to a Jace tears ago and had full access from remote, albeit not very quickly!
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    i have used a few modems. they are better than no access at all.
    you get about the same functionality as web but it is a lot slower.
    graphics take forever to load ,i'm talking 5 minutes at times, but once loaded it is pretty solid.
    tabbed panes kill the loading time so try to say away from them.
    plan out what info you want to display i made a page that listed the points i wanted to see with no graphics so i could do a quick check of the building so i wouldn't have to spend hours waiting for px pages to load.
    i was using spyders so this may have made the situation worse.

    alarming is a whole other story. i never did get it to work right. there are others on here that could probably make the alarming work but it was beyond my abilities.
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    Done 3 or 4 on the JACE403 ( and FX-40) used a US Robotics on 2 and the Board mounted on the others. All still work fine but SLOW !

    Gave up on the Alarms thing after way too many hours of fighting it !
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