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    Trane 2 stage anygood

    Is trane 2 stage any good? Here is the story.
    I have a Carrier heat pump downstairs and Janitrol upstairs with an evaporator leak. Want to take advantage of the stimulus bill for upstairs with a Rheem 16 seer two stage. I am a Gen Contractor and can get the best deal on the rheem if I buy the equipment. I have a good installer. And if ever I replace the Carrier I will go with a Rheem to match this new upstairs and especially since the stimulus will be over and the better deal. Because of price that maybe a single stage since stimulus price.
    But the very best installer I know is a Trane dealer and I will have to ask if he will install a Rheem. He will at least try to talk me into a Trane and I will at least consider it with the price but expect it to be more.

    Neighbor recently talk to this guy and he said completely forget about the Trane 2 stage, they are not worth it as they have had a lot of problems.

    I discounted Carrier since they only have one dealer in the area, price would be on the high end. And the only problem I have had with my 11 year old Carrier is the blower motor went out after about 8 years and the part was twice as much since tech could only get the variable speed motor from carrier. But also I was running it fan 24 hours for a couple of years since I heard from someone that it does not take much electric to do this since on low speed and would help filter the air more. Of course stopped doing that when I realized not worth the extra wear & tear on the blower motor.
    But the Carrier is a TECH 2000, which I think is also a two stage outdoor unit. Based on my info this would mean Carrier made a two stage 11 years ago with no problems and Trane cant make one yet.

    So thought I would ask what the people with more experience think.

    Thanks for any info.

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    It wasn't running the motor 24/7 that caused it to go out.
    Something else happened to it.

    2 stage has been out for more then 20 years.

    Might be the Trane installer that is having problems, and not the units themselves.
    Also, could be he just doesn't like 2 stage units.
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    If you are talking heat pump, I'd pass on the XL16i. The numbers aren't that good. Heating output is low meaning more backup and cooler air temps. The 20i isn't much better with 3 ton units coming out with just above 31K in heat in some matches. Best bet in a Choo Choo is the XL15i. Or a Rheem!

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