These two guys from Newfoundland were out playing golf. After teeing off at the 9th hole they went to where they thought their balls were. They found both of them but one was lodged under a rock and the other one was with 2 inches of the cup. One of the golfers ran over to the ball near the cup and announced that it was a Ben Hogan #3 and it was his. The other golfer yells out that he too had been using a Ben Hogan #3. They both went over to the ball under the rock and found it was also a Ben Hogan #3. A fight ensued as to the ownership of the ball at the cup. After fighting for a few minutes and not wanting to strain their friendship anymore than they had done they decided to let a passing golfer to decide at to the ownership of the ball. This passing golfer agreed to decide but he must examine all the facts. He spoke to each golfer and decided that they were telling the truth as to have both used a Ben Hogan #3. He went to each ball and examined them. He determined that they were in fact both Ben Hogan #3's. He pondered the weighty facts before him. " I have only one question to ask which will surely establish the true ownership of each ball". "Who was using the red ball?"