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    Thermostatic Controlled Floor Registers

    I am looking to install a simple zone controlled system in my house. I have found motorized Floor registers on the internet and would like to hook up a thermostat in each room where I would put one of these registers to control the temperature in that room. I only have about four rooms in this house I want to deal with so it would be simple. Any suggestions or help. I have found the fancy and very expensive systems but I also discovered these floor registers and thought this would be a better way. Looking for some suggestions here.......

    Thanks for your help.........


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    waste of time and money most likely. Do you have a VS furnace that can adjust to varying static pressures? Might be a fun experiment just do not expect anything spectacular. I bought some ceiling registers that were thermostatically adjustable for a engineer several years ago for his office the problem was that the reaction times for the damper was so slow it was basically ineffective he had us take them back out in a few months after one of them stopped working completely. That was about $ wasted I think I still have 4 or 5 of those thrown in the old storage trailer down on the jobsite if someone wants to bid on them.
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    Will probably do more harm to your furnace. then what it will save you in fuel.

    The reason zone systems are so expensive. Is they have safeties to protect the furnace.
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    Well it seemed like a good idea as I have just manually closed registers in rooms where the heat wasn't needed. I guess I'm looking for a fix that doesn't exist. By the way I have a Heat Pump heating system. But I do understand the airflow requirements to keep everything from overheating. I have looked at those systems that put dampers in the flue pipes themselves but I didn't want a whole house system just a couple of rooms...........

    Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate a professionals point of view.......


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    You are still going to need some sort of zone board to turn the unit on and off unless it is just going to run all the time and dump the air outside when no zones are calling. Which defeats the entire purpose of what you are doing. Not only does the zone control have safeties built in, it enables multiple zones to turn the equipment on and off as needed. By the time you purchase this zone board and these motorized registers, which I'm sure aren't cheap. You have just purchased a standard zoning system.
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    A waste of money. There is a who-la-hoop coming out every six that someone has to try. That's the American way.
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