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    WaterFurnace geothermal

    As I consider replacing my existing furnace and A/C, I guess I should also consider looking into geothermal units. Specifically the geothermal units from WaterFurnace. I have a fairly large lot and plenty of room for a pipe system. From what I hear, costs about $ (CDN) and I should get back about $9-10k from government... So net $..New furnace from Carrier or Trane will be about $ installed... I suppose the $ difference could be justified as I plan on staying in the house for another 10 years or so..Plus, I would think a geothermal system is a good "resale" feature even if we had to sell.

    My concern is that the units might not get hot enough in winter nor cool enuff in summer Do you think my climate (Toronto) is ideal for geothermal? Any issues about the WaterFurnace system that I should think about?
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