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    Heat Pump, yes or no?


    Found this forum on google, and after reading a little bit, I think here my doubts will be cleared

    Just moved to a new house. It's ready with natural gas, but for some reason, it will only be available in my house in 2 years or so.

    Since I have must have too much spare time, and some cute monitoring gadgets, I started to make some cute graphs to aid in my descision

    This one is from the living room. Some 30 square meters (320 sqrfoot).

    This has been in January, and the outside temps were between 0ēc and 10ēc (32F and 50F)

    The heat sources are a resistive heater of 2KW, me 100W, one lcd 250W and a couple of lamps, 40W each

    At 19.30, the temp was 15.2ēC (59F) and at 22h it was already on the setpoint of 21ēC(70F).

    At this point it started a duty cycle of about 25minutes on, 35 minutes off

    KW here is 0,12€, or 0,06€ from 22h to 8 in the mornig

    So, from 19.30 to 22h I sent 2kw*2.5hours *,12€/KW = 0,6€. The rest of the time, untill 1h another 0,6€

    So, 1.2€ to have a warm room from 20h to 2h30, time at witch the temps got below 18.5ēc (65.3F)

    Assuming every day I'm just at night on the room it would be some 36€ to have the room warm 5-6hours per day.

    On the bedroom I have another 1kw resistive heater with a timer.

    On at 11pm, off at 3am.

    4h * 1kw *.12€/KW = 0,5€

    In the mornign it connects again..

    When I'm fully moved to this house and want to have it all (130 sqmeter, 1400 sq foot), it wount be cheap to have it all hot using resistive heaters....

    So I searched a bit and found a nice aplication from the manufacturer Daikin

    In the parameters I used 120sqmeters, and water betwen 30-55ēC

    In the other menus I filled the costs for the alternatives (fuel, natural gas, electricity...)

    Here the electricity rates:.

    Here a lower temp when no-one is at home


    Diesel prices

    results in the next post

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    Here I have the several options


    The most important result is the cost of having the whole house hot

    300€ per year.. 30€ per month in average

    In the coldest month, january, I'd spend 85€ to heat the hole house.. more or less the same has heating 2 compartments some hours a day with resistive heating :S

    Alternat solucions costs:

    So... Is it worth the cost of installing a HP? I believe a 10kw solution will cost about $.. Do I keep the current gas boiler as backup and sanitary water supplier, or I give it back to the builder,, and place a 200l tank?
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    By chance have you considered converting to propane?

    GL, EBear.

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    Its an apartment..

    Right now I'm just using the boiler to heat sanitary waters with butane.

    I believe regulations here forbid you to have propane in the house, just outside

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    Just burn a candle in each and I think you will be warm.
    Blue Fox

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    Quote Originally Posted by lentz View Post
    Just burn a candle in each and I think you will be warm.
    nah... too little power

    the steady-state heat release rate from the candle was
    calculated as 77 +- 9W.

    I'd need about 100 candles, and then I don't think the air inside would be very good..

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    There's not enough graphs in this post to answer your question

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