I had problem I cannot put a finger on.
This church has a 7793 with 17 MR55 on channel A and 17 MR55 on channel B. I wrote the data base and DDC logic awhile back with Window XP and Inet2000. In my DDC of each controller, I have the "delay on break" on the relay of 5400 seconds for my override mode.

All went well for 4 years. No Web-base on top of these. Just Inet2000 and its basic graphics.

Few months back, the Church updated to Window 7 and InetSeven: I copy/pasted the graphic files to the new computer. Accessed the controller and save the data base file into the SAV folder. AND the problem appears ...

If any one pushed the override button, the controller will stay on the override mode FOREVER. ---- To clear get out the override mode, I went into the DDC of the MR and put a 10 seconds delay on break in place of the 5400. Then the controller is out of the delay mode.

* I follow your advice and put to 3299 seconds. Still not work.
* I put timer to 3200 seconds. Still not work.
* I updated the bin file for the 7793 again and its revision is 4.16 (I believe). Still not work.
* I deleted the data base file out of the SAV folder, then save the new one into the folder again. Then upload the data base into the 7793 and MR55. Still not work.

I give up. Helps! Helps

P.S. With this same Church and at its other branch, I have a bunch of MR88R and few MR632. And they work fine with Window 7 and InetSeven. Everyone has an override button of 7200 seconds. I even have 2 override buttons on 12 controllers: One for normal override of 2 hrs (7200 sec); One for the panic-override for 18 hrs (64800 Sec).

Again, I give up. Helps