I have a job that I am about to get into and I was wanting to get some ideas. I don't really have much experience with water metering and tenant billing. I was wondering what type of user interfaces do you guy make up to best help the customer determine tenant billing?

We are going to be installing four JACEs. (One JACE per building). We will have a couple field controllers monitoring the pulses from each water meter. Those controllers will be integrated through BACnet MS/TP. What kind of wire do you guys typically run from the meter to the controller? Does it have to be shielded?

Then once I get into the programming... I know I need to determine the number of gallons of water per pulse. Once that is determined what kind of calculations should I make to best help the customer? I was thinking daily usage, weekly usage, monthly usage, etc. I assume I will also have to add history extensions to the points in order to trend the usage. I assume I may need to know the multiplier the water company uses in order to figure out the billing in each area.

Any pointers that you can give me would be great. I just don't know how this all should look on the customer's front end.

Thanks for the help!