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    Tridium AX BQL for Max and or Min

    I want to display the maximum cooling valve position of a group of fan coils on a graphic. I know I can do this with a bunch of links to a max module. But I thought I saw somewhere that I could do this with a BQL line in some way. My mind is blank at the moment of how to do this. Any body help me out? I will have to do this tomorrow morning as I am leaving for a full day of onsite service calls.

    Thx inadvance.

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    Use the BQL blocks in vykonpro (MinMaxAvgBql)l or axcommunity (BqlNumericRecap).

    I like the vykonpro one better as it also can grab the tags of the highest and lowest zones. See attached.

    Points must be subscribed in order for it to work correctly.
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    Propagating the formula.

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