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    PPCL Statement (Enable point switches off but will not release again)

    I have a peice of PPCL code on an HRV system employing a heat recovery wheel. It is controlled by ambient temperture. It runs until 16c but there is no method of controlling the SAT when the wheel is on.

    The problem is when the OAT hits 10c the SAT begins to overshoot and cook the residents. I have been trying to create an @prior control when the SAT reaches 20.5c and a RELEAS @prior when the SAT is back to 18.5c. I can get the code to turn off the enable @OPER off when SAT reaches 20c but I can not get it to RELEAS @NONE when SAT is 18.5c.

    I am running firmware 3.13 and I am not sure what I am missing.

    01032 IF(A2TS .GT. 20.5) THEN OFF (@OPER,A2HTWE)
    01033 IF(A2TS .LT. 18.5) THEN RELEAS (@NONE,A2HTWE)

    If you have a simple way of making this work I would be glad to hear your thoughts.

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    01033 IF(A2TS .LT. 18.5) THEN RELEAS (@OPER,A2HTWE)
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