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    Siemens Datamate Advanced?

    We recently purchased the Siemens Datamate Advanced 3.13 Software. This version has FLT on it which is the Firmware Loading Tool. We have some panels that are not up to date on the firmware and I wanted to get the newest revision. I know that some revisions are paid upgrades, but I also know they release fixed revision in between. I am looking for the fixed revisions for 2.8.2.

    Can someone let me know what the most recent firmwares are and how I can get them?

    I think 2.8.10 is a free flash, but I need the file. How can I get the file?

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    Contact the Siemens Salesperson that sold you Datamate. That software needs to be provided by the local branch. 2.8.10 should be a free upgrade.

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