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    VAV Subroutines ? for Alerton DDC BCM's


    DDC Subroutines and SET CONTEXT are kicking me up and down.

    Can someone explain the seq. of operations from start to finish in the BCM DDC. Are there any tricks of the trade, that I should know.

    I have finished the following Alerton classes : BT100 and e230 and the Lab too. I know the Alerton DDC Class - 400 class isn't be offered anymore and I think it would have helped in this topic.

    I have a copy of programing guide but it is kinda GREEK to me at this time. I can somewhat read DDC for a point and understand what it is doing , but I cant write DDC it at all !

    Thank you in advance

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    There is really no sequence of operations as global ddc is all custom. If you have been to the Alerton classes you have access to their support network site

    Download sample It's at Software>applications-BACtalk. That has some global ddc and some Word docs explaining it.

    Also open up one of the visio drawings that come with BACtalk in the Alerton|Standard|ddc folder and view the comments for a good explanation of how it works.

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