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    Looking for advice

    I'm looking for what I think should be a simple control system but cannot locate anything like it. I have 7 currently independent programmable controlled furnaces in my warehouse area. What I would like is to have one programmable control to tell the units when and what temp to heat to but have sensors or thermostats on the units that will still allow the units to cycle once their area gets up to the correct temperature.

    My HVAC guy did not think such a thing existed, I was hoping to help him locate something and get it installed with some other work he is doing early next week.

    Any suggestions? I'm sorry if this is not the correct venue for this, was not sure if this was ONLY for HVAC personnel or if end users could ask questions.

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    you can try

    there are deff ways of making this work, just depends on how much money you want to spend. and finding the right guy to install it.
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    There are several ways of accomplishing this.

    Proliphix makes thermostats that are connected to your Ethernet and be programmed via a web browser.

    Carrier makes a commercial control system that works well in this type of application. PremierLink controllers are hooked to each furnace then are networked and controlled via a system pilot or touch pilot.

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    You need to contact a Building Automation Controls Company. This type of system is fairly standard in larger Commercial Buildings.

    What is your general area? Someone on this site maybe able to assist you further.

    This forum is fine for your question. Links to the site rules and this forum's rules are in my signature. End users can ask questions and get advice, but Do It Yourself or pricing questions/answers are prohibited.
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    Here is another simple control system--

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    Whoever you have install such a system make sure they provide you with schematics as to how they wire the system. It will make future service calls much more efficient and painless for you and the tech. I see this time and time again when I have to trace out the wiring to see how the previous techs creative license expressed itself.

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    Thanks for all the information.

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