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    Knoxvillle, TN tech looking for good job 15 yrs exp.

    Hello All,
    As I said in title im looking for a job in or around Knox, vicinity. I have 15 years exp in residential, com, ind, super market refrigeraton. I want an opprtunity to grow, be challenged, and help a good company becme great. I dont just want another job, If anyone could point me in right dirrection or has oppening i guess you could just reply to e-mail. thank you

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    What about CCSE or DEEM they both have locations in or near Knoxville?

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    yeah thanks they are 2 ive heard a that stay pretty busy. i just want to get into a place that im longterm. im tired of changing jobs. its crazy theres such a high demand for good techs but hard to find an employer who respects you as a person and not just a robot

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