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Thread: Kerry's votes

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    I bet we can come up with many of these !
    Flag Amendment - Both the House and Senate voted on a proposal to amend the Constitution to include a prohibition against desecration of the flag. In the House, the measure was approved by a vote of 312 to 120. In the Senate, proponents failed by a vote of 63 to 36, four votes short of the 67 -- or two-thirds of the Senate -- needed to approve a constitutional amendment.

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    What A Flake


    "The flag of the United States of America that I fought under, that streamed out behind my gun turret, that has covered the coffins of friends, that flag doesn't belong to the president, it doesn't belong to a party, it doesn't belong to an ideology," Kerry said. "It is a symbol of the strength of a nation of diversity and tolerance, of a democracy that has dissent, alternative ideas and we are going to reclaim that flag for the United States of America."

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