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    VisionPro IAQ question: how to tell if Aux heat is on

    Hello, I have a 17seer 2 stage comfortmaker heat pump with 2 stage electric strip auxillary heat. I have the lockout temp set for about 10F (so that I don't damage the compressor) but this morning it was about 5F Outside, the Heat Pump was off, but the thermostat still says "heat". How do I tell what stage of heat the thermostat is using? Is there any way to tell if it is kicking in the auxillary heat at all?

    Thank you!!

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    Watch your electric meter, you will know when the electric heat strips kick in.

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    I have a dual fuel setup, and mine says "aux heat on" when the furnace kicks in.

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    If the outdoor unit isn't running. And its still putting out warm/hot air. the aux must be on.

    PS: Running the heat pump at 0° outdoor temp won't hurt it.
    And will probably save you money on your heating bill.
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    From page 4 of the Operating Manual, the display should read Aux Heat On.

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    the visionpro 8000 has a red led in the corner that comes on, im not sure if the iaq has it though

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    Quote Originally Posted by doinkeroni View Post
    I have the lockout temp set for about 10F (so that I don't damage the compressor)
    If you have electric resistance as auxiliary heat, I wouldn't lock out the compressor.

    You won't hurt the compressor by running it at low temps. The aux electric heat will cycle on/off as needed while the compressor runs continously.

    My 14 SEER 9 HSPF heat pump has a C.O.P of 2.47 at 10F ambient. That means it's 247% cheaper to run than electric resistance heat.

    Take care.

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