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    Castille randomly stops feeding pellets

    Have noticed that similar threads have appeared about Castile pellet stove insert. I have had mine a little over a year. I clean it weekly. In December it began to periodically stop feeding pellets. If I hit the reset button, it would start working properly again. I took some advice and did a thorough cleaning. That seemed to help for a week or 2. The other day it did it again and would not restart. I did a thorough cleaning again including cleaning the hopper out and cleaning the exhaust piping. I have tested the auger and also bypassed the thermostat to rule out problems there. It fired back up but I still have to hit reset periodically and more often now than before. Wondering now if it could be a snap disc. Any help, thoughts? Thanks. I have called our local dealer to try to get some advice as well.

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    Take the black hose off the vacuum switch and blow through it. Make sure you unplug the stove first. NEVER blow into the vacuum switch.

    If fines get clogged in there the switch does not properly detect the suction and will cut power to the auger.

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