Hi all,

I am currently looking for a steady career that does not have the seasonal flucations as a auto mechanic or requires 25,000-50,000 in tools to work in my trade.

I have been in the transportation trades in the past and recently done some telecom. The telco work does not pay squat if its only network cabeling ect plus the fact it required huge amount of travel clear across the province.
The thing with telco installs....is it never brakes to the same frequency as mechanical equipment such as hvac. That means that there will always be more work in hvac.

I want to know what the outlook for hvac techs are in Vancouver BC and does it require the same physical effot as a auto mechanic. Im not young anymore and more mid life.

I am looking for a few things if this trade offers it.

1. Job stability. Want to work year round with little chance of layoffs.

2. Educations opprotunities to move up the ladder. Can a HVAC move into

3. Will there be a shortage of HVAC techs in the comming years?

4. How are hvac techs paid? by the hour? by the install? What is the
average wage for some one entering this field?

5. What are some of the best hvac schools in bc?

I decided against training as power engineer, millwrite, and other areas. Often, these jobs are in tiny towns way outside of vancouver bc.