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    Rheem 90 plus, heat exchanger problem

    I have a Rheem 90+ M# RGTA09EZAJ5 that is in horizontal config, (evap to the left as you look inducer mtr. Problem is a lazy flame on bottom burner, almost as if heat exchanger port is blocked and forcing rollout condition. Heat exchanger is clear at least to 1st pass. Manifold gas pres 3.5"w.c.
    Any ideas?
    This is an large home with three furnaces, that is unoccupied and gas was turned off. No damage to other units, I was told that the horizontal config of furnace is ok as is, by local Rheem rep.

    This unit is located in an attic pushed up to roof rafters (Conditioned space)and has a supply line run across the top of unit, very, very tight! Really want to open cabinet up and see if anything shows!

    Need some help with this one, more of a commercial guy! Out of my league! Thanks in advance!

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    when was the last time burners were pulled and cleaned?
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    You won't get any technical advice here in the open forums. Get a few more posts up and apply for pro member status. Realize this won't help you short term but it will with the next problem
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    I pulled the burner rack and inspected when I check out heat exchanger. They are in good shape. furnace can't be more than 2 years old max!

    Thanks for the advice on the posts!

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    Got it fixed! Local Rheem rep found a technical bulletin dealing with exact issue that I was dealing with. Found a pass on secondary heat exchanger plugged with crap. They never ran oa intake, using house air. House had a lot of construction.

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