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    MP581 Network Config Problem

    I've created the network nvi's and nvo's, and identified the correct Var numbers to match the network points up to in AX. I've discovered most of the network points I need in AX.
    Problem, I've got a couple more points I've got to add/revise in the MP581, but now I cannot connect via Rover (with the Comm5 Comm disconnected). It'll pick up a Service Pin Pressed...then Rover locks up.
    I'm up against a deadline of tomorrow.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Did you commission the MP581 through AX?
    If so, you probably changed the domain. Rover only recognizes a 0 length domain. You will have to go 'active' with Rover and discover the MP581, then you have to let Rover configure the 581 so you can access it. Afterwards you need to change the domain and subnet back so the AX box will see the 581.
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    If the AX only uses DSN A or B then you can just change the one it doesnt use to ZL. Use a third party tool to do this. Its another option if you have a tool that can change DSN and AX only uses one DSN.

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    Had exact same issue with Rover on AX trunk on my first Trane to AX job. Rover config works fine but TGP times out and locks up system. Unplug the 581 from trunk then connect to it direct and go active. Let rover reset the device to what it likes then you can do all your programming. Once done reconnect everything and recommission device in the AX. What I have learned is that if you set th AX lon trunk up to always usw zero length domain and 2 domain then they both work fine together.

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