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    Microzone-1 and GCS

    unfortunatly i geuss im supposed to troubleshoot a MZ1 with a GCS tommorow and i have never seen it, i have seen some GCM MZ2 so i am kinda familiar with that just curious if anyone had any input, doesnt the GCS have a prop. bus of its own? i heard it sends points through the GCS and thers no program in the MZ??? any input is appreciated thanks

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    Good luck! The MZ1 is canned. I belive that the only way to program them is through DIP switches. There are diffrerent ones for different apps. I havent worked on a GCS, though I have seen them. I belive you can connect to one like you connect to a GCM (modem cable). They do have there own bus to talk to a GCM & other GCS's. I'll try to dig up some info on the source & send it to you.

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    The GCM will have a "block" of programming for the MZ1. Only minor adjustments are available. They are preconfigured.
    The GCS is only an I/O panel.
    You will find "block" for the I/O in the programming. (GSC# P#).
    VT100 will get you all you need. Its all very straight forward.

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