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    I know of an 80 ton with the VFD condenser fan that had similar problems, and ended up with some cardboard over the lower half of the side coil banks when we saw 10 degrees a few times.
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    low temp rtaa

    Have I told you guys about this skating rink I've been babysitting? An RTAA 125 cooling 50/50 glycol to 17*, ambient temps as low as -30, with wind. Before xmas, I was resetting low suction press cut outs on one circuit, alternate low diff press cutouts between circuits. Added some gas to get rid of flashing in the glass, covered condensers with tarps to ground to keep wind off. I've been there several times through January, resetting alternate low diff diagnostics, par for the course, I guess. My point is, although a fluid cooler would work, these things will work, even at these conditions, I thought they were nuts.

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