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    Quote Originally Posted by RuudInstaller View Post
    Or if they rip the wire off of the drain switch, gas valve, or flame sensor while trying to open the drain valve, I have seen this many times.
    Or a wire going to the blower motor"s stator winding, which they told me...uh "We tried to stick it back in but it didn't work."

    "You never know what others don't know." -

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    Frymaster also has leds on the interface boards that can help in troubleshooting. Diagnosis can be made quickly.

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    I would say either one of the flame sensors or one of the ignition modules. I would start with 2 flame new sensors. I don't think it is a computer problem, usually when a computer goes bad and says help it doesn't happen intermittently.

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    The leds on the board can also be used to troubleshoot the appliance.

    Regards Ian

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