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Thread: NO2 sensors

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    NO2 sensors

    I'm doing a very small controls job for a guy with waaaaay too much money. It will be a storage garage for his cars, 20 of them to be exact, all very high end. None of them are diesel. It is in an old industrial building with 45 ft. high ceilings. I'm good with the CO sensors, but am having issues with the NO2 sensors. As far as I know hot NO2 rises and cold NO2 falls, where do I put the NO2 sensors? If he does eventually produce NO2 will it be cold by the time it reaches the ceiling? What height should I mount the sensors? PLEASE HELP!

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    Since the density of NO2 at 20C is about three times that of air at 20C I can guess where the NO2 is going to end up. The assets to be protected from the corrosive effects and the people to be protected from the toxic effects are at ground level.
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    Interesting.... admittedly I know nothing about CO or NO2 but from the many jobs that I have seen the CO detectors are alway low, approx 4'-5' AFF and the NO2 is always high, generally mounted to a a bar joist.

    That's not to say that these locations are right, just the way I have always seen them.
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    "Way too much money" you say?

    Sounds like a job for multiple sensors. Have your algorithm use the highest value.

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