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    suggestions for new gas logs

    Wanted to replace 18" set of gas logs. Never had much luck with Home depot or lowes.

    Any suggestions for a good quality brand that is best buy for the money or an online source to order from.


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    You should order thru a local dealer if at all possible. They can get what you need, install it and service it when needed.
    We have had good luck with Empire ( Also, google FMI fireplaces. You can pick out what you want online, but you'll need to order it thru a local dealer. You need to decide if you want vented logs or vent free logs.

    Our experience with units sold by big box stores is that when something breaks and needs to be replaced, no parts are available.

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    RH Peterson is probably the oldest company to make gas logs and they have a great number of styles.

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    Personally my Vote is for Non-Vented. We've had both, the Non-Vented are going to be more expensive but they're about 99% efficient. The bad thing about ordering them is the logs are pretty fragile and get broken during shipment. If you buy locally you can be sure they're not in extra pieces!
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