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    Info needed: Lennox GH19P3, Carrier 24ABR, and Trane XE1200

    I am looking at purchasing a one story, 3KČ feet house with a zoned system built in 1984. Could someone please comment on these systems and decode the following models and serial numbers so I can determine:
    • Btu ratings?
    • Dates of manufacture?
    • Is this model of Lennox furnace any good or a PITA?
    • Does the evap coil and Carrier compressor matchup on paper in system #2?

    I plan to have these systems thoroughly inspected before plunking down my hard earned cash. I am specifically looking for feedback on the Lennox furnaces with respect to age, and if this particular model is builder-grade or not?

    If I am reading the model numbers correctly, it seems that each compressor is rated at 36K Btu as well as one evaporator.

    Thanks for your input.

    System #1
    Lennox gas furnace
    Model: GH19P3-75
    Serial: 4693D01140
    Data decal on unit listed 75K Btu input.
    [This agrees with the "-75" embedded in the model number.]

    TXV-controlled evaporator: No data decal found.

    Trane XE1200 compressor
    Model: TTP036D1008
    Serial: R32151F2F
    Manufacture Date: 07/2000
    [The compressor only was changed out in either 2008 or 2009.]

    System #2
    Lennox gas furnace
    No data decal found on the unit with the exception of the manufacturer name (Lennox).
    This unit looked exactly alike in outward appearance and size as the above described Lennox furnace in system #1.

    TXV-controlled evaporator: H36C-D-4783R.

    Carrier compressor
    Model: 24ABR-336A330
    Serial: 0808E02567
    [This complete compressor-condenser unit was installed new either in 2008 or 2009.]
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    gh19 was made in 1993, and was a pita unit.

    has a 20 yr warranty on hx which should be closely inspected.

    i don't even think it was a Lennox unit, i think it was made by another company for Lennox and rebadged.

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    Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated.

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