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    Good thread. I live in Iowa and I'm a service tech for some larger facilities. I've been there, done that. Bought the t-shirt, wore it out and threw it away.
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    Thanks for all the kind words.... We all think very much alike. After more investigation there was a whole lot of bad things that all happened at once that caused 6 VAV hw coils to break right on the u-tubes.

    To be honest, now I can't really discuss it a lot more since it is on to everyones insurance company's. They have so far found mistakes every contractor made, so unfortunately for the customer, its best to just let the insurance guys fight it out.

    Sucks..... I have never been involved in quite such a big claim... sure little things, blown up controller and such but this could have been prevented so easily. Like it was said before, after going out and reviewing and investigating it's easy to see what items contributed to the problems. Getting techs to notice before there is a problem, before damage, just comes with experience, and time. I can guarantee my techs and the Trane tech and the mechanical service guys involved will NEVER miss this many items again.

    As said before wear the t-shirt and get better. Whats done is done, but never do it again.

    Maybe I can get a real nights sleep this week.... temps are in the 20's!!!!


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