Many years ago when my great great grandmother Snodgrass married Algenon Snodgrass (the fourth) she started her married life this way.
She had answered a newspaper ad for a wife from Algenon Snodgrass (the fourth). When she arrived at the train station in lower Slobovia she was met by her future husband to be, later known as Algy. She realized right away that he was rather good looking ( a generic trait still held by all male ancestors) but was rather quiet and surly. As they left the station in a horse and buggy the horse started to act up but all Algy said was (very quietly) "that's one". Granny thought it was strange but didn't think anything of it. A few miles down the road the horse shied from a new fangled automobile. Algy said "that's two." Hmmmm Granny was wondering what this was all about when the horse stumbled. Old Algy mumbled "that's three" and shot the horse. Well! Granny was livid and told old Algy what she thought of his behaviour. He didn't say a darn thing.But when he got back in the buggy she did see him mouth "that's one ".