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Thread: Mod-Lon Gateway

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    Mod-Lon Gateway

    I'm using Honeywell XL5000 system on a project, the system works on LonBus. There are five of Rooftop heat-pumps which i have to integrate via Modbus.
    Is there any Lonworks-Modbus gateway device that you may recommend? I've read about the Babel Buster but unfortunately it needs LonMaker to bind the points. As you may imagine i don't have LonMaker.
    So, i need a gateway of which configuration and mappiing software is inclusive. Any recommendation would be appreciated.

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    Take a look at CatNet Systems HMI ( or Loytec LINX-100( Both will handle ModBus and LON with built-in webservers.

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    Take a look at the Babel Buster

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    Lon to Modbus

    check out the FieldServer no software needed

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    The babelBuster does not need LonMaker to bind any points.
    We do use Lonmaker when we want to update the bablebuster to a newer version (APB/NXE download)

    There is a config property that has an ASCII string value. this string configures the individual Network Variable to read or write from a specific modbus register address
    If you want to use CARE to set the value, CARE breaks the ASCII string into and you have to set the decimal value of each character 9which is a real pain).

    Control Solutions (the manufacturer of the Babel Buster) has a seperate utility, free, which can be used to quickly setup a babelBuster.

    This is how I use CARE with BabalBuster

    1. Using CARE, upload the babelbuster into the CARE device Library (online upload). versions are specific. know which version babel buster you are using.

    2. Drop the babelbuster from the device library into your care project and make any bindings needed

    3. Use the BBConfig utility (from control solutions) to completely configure the babelBuster

    4. Have CARE Upload the parameters from the babelbuster

    5. have care commission the babel buster

    from now on you can replace the babelbuster and just have care commission it

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