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    Quote Originally Posted by esornivram View Post
    same players just round two.
    same $hit, new A$$hole.

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    Don't bother with Vegas The only people hiring are apt maint, and they beat you down.

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    Refrigeration is where it's at for stability if you ask me, Supermarkets etc.........

    Or, running your own gig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HVAC Student View Post
    The original poster said he just got his diploma in HVAC. I got my diploma in 2007 and can say from personal experience that most contractors have a "don't walk, run" perspective regarding recent trade school graduates. I had straight A's and perfect attendance in trade school and it didn't seem to affect the outcome of my interviews even slightly.
    Same here, straight A's the hole nine yards. I graduated in Oct 2009 and haven't been able to find a job. I work with an independent contractor when he needs me but that's not often. He also lets me follow him around on service calls and other stuff which is great. I don't get paid for it but boy do I learn alot and it makes me fell like im working a real job. This week was realy good, I got to work almost 4 full days! Of course I only got paid for about 10 hours but I got tons of great experience!

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    Currenly, I am looking into this trade. While USA has different standards here in bc, Its tough! It can take 4-5 years to achieve your journeyman Red Seal! But from my understanding once you do, you can make a very good living doing refrigeration and possibly hvac.

    UP here in vancouver, we also experianced the housing bubble some what. The economy has picked up some what. Housing is now climbing in sales. Unfortunaly, Vancouver BC market has been rated "Most unafordable" for the entire canadian economy. This means that no new building will probebly happen for a number of years but who knows. I just saw the olympic torch pass me today. Very exciting but don't like the idea that vancouver residents are on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. That means higher taxes. This could discourage additional building but don't know.

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