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    Used to have a maint. contract with exclusive country club.
    Every other day, one of the office women would call, and say it is sooo hot in here I am going to faint ! After numerous trips to no avail, we were stymied, system running as designed ? The GM finally got sick of paying for service calls, and said DO anything but get this woman off my back, it is bad enough she is going thru the "change" !! Bingo...that was the operative word.!! The next trip out, we secretly told her we were going to install her very own t-stat, however, she was not allowed to tell her co-workers because they would all want one too ! You never saw a woman so happy in her life !! The tech literally glued the t-stat beneath her calendar that hung on a partition wall !! Never got another complaint. The kicker is-- the GM knew exactly what we did, he would laugh so hard he couldn't contain himself, as Ms. Hotflash would emerge from her cubicle, check the area for onlookers, run back, lift up her calendar and jack the t-stat down !! The power of suggestion is a truly wonderful thing !!

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    I love it!

    Someone else has actually done this. I have designed 'dummy thermostats' into jobs and they do work.

    Again to the power of suggestion!

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