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Thread: makin bacon

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    makin bacon

    anyone ever done it? The meat market up town that got me the fresh turkeys for Turkey Day and Christmas says they normally carry pork bellies.
    They have the curing salt and everything I need. Just wondering if anyone has made their own before. Is it any good. They say it doesn't shrink up like what you buy at the store either. Anyone?

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    I do a fair amount of bacon- sometimes I use pork bellies, but I prefer to make Canadian bacon with boneless pork loin. Much leaner and I think the flavor is better.

    Either way, you make up a cure of Prague powder #1, pickling salt, brown sugar or maple syrup, and spices in water. Cure the meat for about seven days, rinse and smoke at 225 deg till the meat reaches 145 Deg.

    Slice, pan fry and smile.
    Experience is what you have an hour after you need it.

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    Being from Vermont I gotta say that I love maple suryp and I love bacon. But I could never cotton to maple flavored bacon.

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    just did this for the first timelast month, pork bellies came off of my butchered hogs, I used Morton TenderQuick, coated in syrup,rubbed them down with tender quick (use recommended amount)let cure in a fridge for 7-10 days, dried in the smoker-no smoke just heat@125 for 2 hours-it has to be dry to take the smoke properly, smoked at 140 for 2 hours, 150 for 2 hours, 160 for 2 hours checked internal temp chilled and sliced by hand the following day, the next batch will have Hickory, I used cherry apple and oak, it is a little sweet, i think hickory would have tamed that a little.
    Still learning opinions welcome.

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    Do a search on this forum for Bacon or Buckboard Bacon. Lots of Big Green Eggers do this:

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