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    Gas Fireplace - Can an on/off switch be installed?

    I just bought a new "old" house. The house was built in 1992 and has a fireplace. From my old place where I lived before I am used to just flip a switch and the fire comes up (pilot light running 24/7/365).

    The pilot light on the new house is "noisy" and larger compared to what I had at the old house and so I turn if off after usage. Overall it is cumbersome to a) turn on pilot light and b) control the gas level with the knob/wheel from the little box on the side.

    I am completely new to fireplaces when it comes to those things. Can the entire gas burner unit be replaced and is it possible then to have a switch installed or do I need a complete new insert (I hope I have the terms right)?

    I am also under the assumption that this fireplace was a real fireplace before and one of the previous owners converted it to gas as there is a chimney and I always feel a blow of cold air ... - not sure if that helps in regards to advice.


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    Your best bet... call a fireplace tech to remedy the cool air problem & the switch issue.

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    Sounds like you have a gas log. I would check out a fireplace dealer and inquire about direct vent gas inserts. This will give you the easy switch operation you want, and also allow the flue to be sealed so you don't get cold air coming down the flue.

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    Thanks, guys. I think that's probably the best option here. :-)

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