If any viewing 2013
pls find EER over 30 for several GSHP and well GSHP, higher!
raw AHRI over 40 EERS in low-med (most running hours) blended "raw" data]
and NEWS:
Hydro-Temp got its (unnecessary) 3rd party rating.

(see sites for several OEM's, below)

Hydro-Zone is a tm of Hydro-Temp for the chilled water and HW off of a forced-air same-unit system that uses the rfg off the air HX coil with modulated or no blower speed--- just for Mini-like distribution to console fancoils etc... but EER's higher, and the Heat-Reclaim 100% on demand HW IS pushing COP's near 6 as in cooling mode, the loop pumps are off line. 4zn board OEM since 1995