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    Carbon monoxide kills 4 in Montgomery family
    Officials focus on vent pipe

    JEFFERSONVILLE, Ky. - As temperatures dipped into the single digits Saturday night, the Thacker family made sure their house was sealed against the cold and their old-style natural gas stove was turned up.

    From the stove, a vent pipe designed to keep deadly carbon monoxide gas from poisoning the family of four rose into the attic of the one-story home.

    There, the end of the pipe, which did not vent to the outside of the house, was covered in layers of insulation, investigators said. With nowhere to exit, the poisonous, odorless and invisible gas began to fill the house and suffocate the family.

    Bert Thacker, 49, his son Marvin Thacker, 13, and daughter Heather Thacker 11, were found dead in the house Sunday morning, said Shane Barnes, a detective with the Montgomery County sheriff's department.

    Thacker's wife and the children's mother, Mary Thacker, 32, was found unconscious. She was flown to the University of Kentucky Medical Center but never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead yesterday morning.

    Mary Thacker had told Allison Baker, her brother, on Saturday night that she had a headache and was feeling nauseous.

    With the windows sealed with plastic, there was no way for either the carbon monoxide to exit or for fresh air to get in. The combination was deadly, investigators said.

    Across a field from the Thackers' house, Baker sat in his mobile home yesterday, struggling with the fact that he would never again go fishing with his nephew or hear his niece strum her guitar.

    It is hard to imagine, he said, that the sound of his sister's laughter and the construction jobs on which he worked with his brother-in-law are things of the past.

    "It's hard to take," Baker said. "Four of them at one lick. That's really hard on us."

    The bodies were discovered at 10:15 a.m. Sunday by Mary Thacker's sister, who came to visit from Wolfe County.

    The man and boy were found in the living room of the four-room house, and the woman and girl were in the mother's bed, Barnes said.

    Though Barnes said the Thackers used an "older variety" gas stove to heat their home, it was not clear if the stove's age had anything to do with the accident.

    While the deaths are still under investigation, Barnes said the evidence is pointing to the covered pipe as the cause.

    Montgomery County Coroner Wallace Johnson said the father and two children appeared to have died around midnight. He said the deaths are the first carbon monoxide poisonings he has seen in his 15 years as county coroner.

    According to the Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children, there were nine nonfire-related carbon monoxide deaths in x 1997 and five in 1998, the latest year for which state figures are available.

    Nationally, 138 people died in 2000 from nonfire carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Bert and Mary Thacker, originally from Pike and Perry counties, respectively, moved to Jeffersonville from Nashville, Tenn., about five years ago, Baker said.

    The family built a nice life in the quiet community through Bert's home-construction work, he said.

    "He worked morning till night," said Baker, who was employed by his brother-in-law. "And there couldn't be a nicer guy for a boss."

    Marvin, who his uncle said loved the outdoors, was a seventh-grader at McNabb Middle School, and Heather, a budding musician, was in the sixth grade at Camargo Elementary School.

    Mary Thacker was a homemaker.

    "She was a wonderful mother," said Mary Baker, Allison Baker's wife. "She cared so much for her kids."

    Carma Compton, a friend of the Thackers, said the family had a great love for animals

    "They'd come over here all the time and visit with my dog and cats," Compton said.

    "They were the nicest people you'd ever want to meet."

    Compton said one of her cats regularly followed the Thacker kids to their school-bus stop, waited until they were picked up, and then wandered home.

    Visitation for the family will be tomorrow Wednesday from 6 to 10 p.m. at Thacker Memorial Funeral Home in Pikeville.

    Funeral services will be at the funeral home at 1 p.m. Thursday.

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    I realize the thread is for pictures, but this seemed to fit here.

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    4 senseless deaths

    You are right, it is a great place to post. That goes right along with the pics of unbeliveable work.

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    i want to know if the stupids that installed this can be held liable.basturds should be hung or shot.

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    Thats sad a whole family wiped out because of stupidity.

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    very sad

    sad,,very , very sad. after spending 20 minutes laughing at "WALL OF SHAME" pictures, this post really got to me. I pray that I or anyone else makes an error like this. I pray for this family and whoever is responsible .

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    This is the reson I try to recomend CO detectors to my customers. You can get them any hardware store.

    This same thing happend in Cal. when the H/O started his van in the garage and that is where the furn. was.

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    Technically, so many thoughts run through my mind about the state of their heating system. Whether or not the vent ever penetrated the roof of the house, if the system was in disrepair, was it a combustion air problem, was the heat exchanger ruptured, poor fuel combustion and so on. But none of these thoughts can even come close to comparing to the sadness I feel for the victims and their families for the unexpected loss of their loved ones. I can't even imagine the grief that these people are experiencing. May God bless all of them...
    There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action....Mark Twain

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