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Thread: frozen tundra

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    NE Oklahoma
    Was on one tonight, drifts only 18" or so with a nice coat of ice underneath. Got off the roof and before I got done with the ticket it was snowing again.

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    Looks like you need a red sled!

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    NOw im glad im inside today and not in your position. YUCK
    If you can not do it right, Why even do it at all?

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    Look at all those bad heat exchangers,,,,, uh uh i mean look at all those nice carrier units.
    You sure are cocky for a starving pilgrim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottiedawg View Post
    of course roof hatch at one end of mall I'm headed to opposite end some snow drifts up to my waist, wind chill is 15 below... gonna be a long winter ugh
    Could be worse, at least you can still see the units.

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    I feel for you

    I was called out to a Simon mall on a weekend once. Of course they wanted to keep my licence aslo. I refuse to leave it with security so they would not let me on the roof. when I went to the merchant and explained this to the manager and that I would be leaving and they were getting billed, the manager reamed the security supervisor.
    From that point on all we had to do is show I.D.
    I refuse to give my I.D. over to someone that could use that info to steal my identity. If more contractors grew some balls and refused to allow that to happen then that crap would stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HVACTIM View Post
    I HATE mall cops. the Holyoke Mall was the worst.... hump all your stuff across the roof and have to go back to your truck and find a "parking ticket" for being at the loading dock. useless!!!!

    Thats when i go to the unit that takes care of securities area and flip the disconnect. I had a 3 star General who used to tease people when I was around "never, I mean NEVER mess with the guy who keeps your office comfortable". Ok so yeah he got me out of a govt parking ticket.
    "It's always controls"

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