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Personally I do not remember ever testing a motor under no load conditions, never had a reason to.
hey, we have tested these things "a bunch of times"

Why would I want to bench test a motor under conditions not offered at the site? This serves no purpose except to demonstrate a potential to work under design conditions.
a good reason would be, you would understand and agree with the techs here that "have" tested these things

Iím not sure if I agree with the statements that a unloaded signal phase induction motor will burn up after running unloaded for a couple of hours.
more specifically the motor will get hot, then go off on overload, and yes, if ya ran the motor long enough without a load it will cycle on and off the overload and eventually fail, how long before it fails? could be months, could be a year, "that we have not tested".

There are conditions in which a single-phase induction unloaded will draw current higher than the nameplate data that I did not see in the link
so, there ARE conditions which you did NOT see, i guess you just "KNEW" it