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    . what are the "Known Factors" to decrease the COP with a (GSHP 3ton/COP3.5/38kbtus)

    (COP) changes with changing condition, as I was told.

    Tks. for pointing them out including the parallel occuring changes, -decrease for the COP?
    (The consequences of a lower COP would then be ..........................?)

    * just trying to complete my homework and to --understand the changes of the (COP) with a (GSHP) system with "changing conditions"--?

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    Isn't the answer in your book?

    You must be looking for

    "The consequences of a lower COP would then be .........................."
    decreased efficiency? Higher energy costs? Longer heating cycles? More use of supplemental heat? Take your pick.

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    Any geo manufacture will have a performance chart in the back of their install manual that shows the effect of everything on COP
    Waterfurnace shows the airflow(in CFM) stage of compressor, size of unit, entering water temperature and flow rate in GPM and each of these has a factor in the COP
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