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I thought I was writing posts in my sleep.
red interior lights for night driving.
I had these in my last car -- theatrical lighting gel installed in the reading lights. I used them every time I was driving at night. It didn't kill night vision but still registers in your mind that you should be awake. And it looks damn cool when done right. Hmm. Maybe I need to look into installing red LEDs in my newer car.

I also have a small mini-fridge in the car, highly recommend!

The next item I've been thinking about installing is a Keurig single-cup coffee maker. Unfortunately their large ones draw 1400 watts, the small one is only 700w but needs 3 minutes to run. 700w / 12v = 58 amps. Not going to be a cigarette lighter affair.

Re: scanner in the car, Florida has a similar rule -- OK for ham radio operators to have a scanner, even with the scanner set to police freqs.