Ready to drop 200 bucks on a sit 820 nova for my JOTUL I started poking around and ended up here.

Reading the posts I discovered spider nests clogging the manifold supply inside the metering jet. I guess since it isn't the pilot jet we would call it the main jet.

I pulled it and nothing. Putting it together I decided to blow through the line leading to the manifold from the valve. It was almost impossible to blow through.

After disconnecting the other end I saw the spider nest. Looked like cotton ball packed in there.

So thanks. What led me there was a post that someone claimed the had 4 gas valves and still wasn't fixed. Someone then chimed in saying
"these have a 1% failure rate".

Thanks fellas. I will donate some cash to the site as a thanks.


Now you may see a lot of me as we are renovating and will go oil or propane and solar hotwater so I'll need more advice!!!!