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Thread: Sizing AC Unit

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    Originally posted by lynn rodenmayer
    Hey Mr. Smith. Which company do you work for? If you don't want to say, just reply bug off.
    Lynn: I'm single owner/operator of RES Mechanical in Shawnee. Are you West H/C by chance?

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    No, I work for Scott Temprature Equipment in Lawrence.

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    Originally posted by rsmith46
    Originally posted by r22d22
    Originally posted by bb
    Originally posted by r22d22
    Read What ?

    bb and lynn rodemayer don't know what to read.
    A windows macro cause me to submit some strange entries without knowing it. But the replies were deliberate.
    This gives me a great ideal.
    Windows macro? Or drugs?
    No bb knows what to read except when some drug head comes in and post "Read" in 10 different post. No just kidding r2d2. Must be a short circuit in your compressor!

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