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    Yes, R12, Mccool and Condenseddave you are the coolest. I've been reading your stuff and it's great, insightfull, fun, and very helpful to me. Thanks guys.

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    As Flukes go ,I gots an old 77,I use it every day.

    That m'fer is bullit proof

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    Dec 2002

    Flukes: Ya Gotta Luv Them

    All my flukes sleep together in their own special tool bag.

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    Originally posted by NedFlanders
    As Flukes go ,I gots an old 77,I use it every day.

    That m'fer is bullit proof
    Yeah, that was the industry workhorse fior years, I have one in my drill bag.

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    This has gotta be some kinda sickness amongst us.

    I just crawled outa the van. I had a late night market call.

    I got there, after an hours drive, I got there just in time to seem several store employees UNLOADING the damed cases!!!

    Why the devil did they call for repair on a Saturday night when they have ALREADY lost all their FF product???


    So I get the rack unit back online, cheack all the stuff that needed checking and made a note to do what I gotta do on MONDAY!!! Or tuesday ...or so.
    But NOT TONIGHT!!!

    So I just walk in ... and what do I do after taking a good healthy #$% .... I come ion here and begin reading your guys posts .....
    God knows I love this site!!!

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    I know I'd prolly be lost without it...really wish I had the experience some of you guys have...condenseddave.. how's about you come out here for a vacation and give me some good training on these supermarkets?..

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