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    Any ideas what it's worth?

    We live in a log house with a gabled roof built from a kit by the original owners in 1983. There is a Preway fireplace in the detached shop that has been here since we moved in. Now, after 3 years of living here, we have decided to maybe get rid of it. It does not look like it has ever been installed. The fire brick looks new. There is a little rust around the bottom (nothing a wire brush would not remove).

    I don't see a model number on it; however, there is an installation collar with it that says it is to be used on the following models: B128B B128EM B136B B136EM. I am assuming it is one of these.

    I want to sell it on Craigslist, but don't have any idea what it might be worth. I don't HAVE to sell it, but it is taking up space in my shop. Any ideas??



    PS, I have pics if anyone would like to see them.

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    Do you have venting for it? That mfg is long gone and their fireplaces can only use their venting.

    Even if you had the venting I would say its only worth its weight in scrap metal. Sell it to a scrap yard.

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