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    im looking for PDF file i can download for the setup menu parameters. My customer doesnt want the fan running continuously in occupied mode.I have to change one of the parameters in the setup menu but cant remember which one.The installation instructions have gone missing. I have a set of instructions but cant seem too find them (GOD! i got to clean out my truck! LOL)thanks in advance.

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    the 3rd switch is your cont. fan occup...down,up for intermittent occupcheck TRANE STAT in COMMERCIAL if this is the 7300 you need for write-up on that switch.

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    If you have the newer T7300F this is what you need.
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    for some reason my wholesaler cannot get the T7300 series 2000 stats. He can only get the older style with the dipswitches

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    lowtemp, a word of caution about changing this dipswitch to stop the fan running constant in the occupied mode. Depends on the Code your under there. The IMC versions REQUIRE the fan to run continuous in occupied mode when the unit has cooling and if your bringing the ventilation air in thru the unit this stat controls.
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