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    Direct Vent Fireplace Draft

    I have a Heat & Glo 6000TR-OAK-IPI. I personally ensured the walls, ceiling and floor were insulated properly prior to the installation of the fireplace (was new construction). I recently installed a 97% efficient furnace with a variable speed fan that runs 24/7. A huge draft has developed from the fireplace at the area of the access panel on the bottom front of the unit. I have no air from outside the shell. I have accessed the area surrounding the fireplace and there is not cold air in this area. The air seems to be between the firebox and the shell. When sitting on the floor you can see directly out of the firebox to the vent on the outside. Heat & Glo stated that they do not make a damper for these fireplaces. So these are my questions:
    1. Can there be a gap between the firebox and the outer shell where the vent is not seated?
    2. Is there an aftermarket damper that can be purchased?
    3. Can fireproof insulation be used next to the double walled vent pipe?
    4. Do I have any hope of fixing this problem?

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    1. if the vent was not installed properly there can be gaps anywhere
    2. if you want to kill yourself
    3. same as #2
    4. yes

    Have you checked to make sure the glass is sealed and clipped on all 4 corners? Do you have a wall control that lets you run the pilot only? We had a customer just today who was not running his pilot because his wall control was broken, he was getting a draft from under the unit as you are. After we fixed the wall control and ran the unit heating up all the metal the reverse draft stopped.

    Also, its a direct vent fireplace, the fact you can see outside through it means nothing, its a sealed system. If the glass is attached properly and the vent is installed correctly, air will not leak through the fireplace system at all unless the firebox or air chambers are compromised.

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