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    Temperature Probe

    I have a Fluke 787 and with it I have a temp probe as an accessory. Does anybody use this probe with their fluke for taking temperatures in the lines to establish super heat/ sub cool. It looks like it may be accurate enough. I also have a thermocouple that goes with it but it doesn't look like it has the accuracy needed.

    Can you recommend a temp probe for around $100.00 to measure temp/wet bulb ??

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    Until I bought my Digicools, I used 2 K type thermocouples with a pair of Fluke 52-2 thermometers to do superheat and subcooling readings.

    I think the standard bead type probes are pretty cheap and plenty accurate enough for most work.

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    after talkjng to doug & getting his input on the k type vs. the k couple i ordered a cooper with the thermisters & my readings are within 1 deg. of each other,
    . was never able to get the k couples to agree with each other.

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