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    Honeywell Componets for Zoning


    I am zoning one of my HVAC units, 2 zones. I have a Honeywell EMM3 panel and want to have one of the zone thermostats be a Focus Pro wireless. I am confused about two items,

    - Which Honeywell model do I need for the wireless thermostat and wireless controller? It seems clear on the newer TRU-ZONE panels. The W8665A seems correct but I wanted one of the newer Focus PRO wireless units to match the style of my current Focus Pro stat. It also appears the W8665A is dicontinued and there is some reference to newer version needed but it's not concise enough....
    - Can I use one wired thermostat in conjuntion with one wireless?


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    Not familiar enough with Honeywell to mention model numbers. But to your second question the majority of wireless components go back to a controller that would be wired in just like any other t-stat. So to answer your question, yes you can have one wired with one wireless.

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