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    Honeywell TZ-4 and EMM-3U Zone Control Obsolete?

    My Zone Control Panel was fried so I am looking for a new ZC System. I've been getting recommendations from local AC cos and they all seem to recommend Honeywell EMM-3U or TZ-4 w/T8000s. I went to the Honeywell site and all of these are obsolete per Honeywell.

    My question to the professionals is should I even consider using an obsolete (per honeywell maybe not in the industry) Zone Control Panel. The reason I'm switching is RobertShaw is obsolete so why would I get an obsolete Honeywell.

    What I am hearing is if I go w/TZ-4 I have to replace all the thermostats w/T8000s although I read on this site that maybe I just put an T8000 on zone 1 and just have 1 heat/1 cool thermostats in the other 3zones.

    w/the EMM-3U , I hear that I just need to replace the board and it will work w/my Robertshaw thermostats.

    Or should I look for the HZ-432?

    Honestly, they all look pretty similar.

    I've got a Bryant 5ton Heat Pump w/dual speeds w/4 zones ...I'll be adding a 5th zone and replacing the AC early next year w/a 450ft addition to my current 3150 sq ft home.

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    The 432 is a great panel, replacement for the TZ4. The EMM3 is a low end panel without some of the benefits of the nicer panels. With 2 stage equipment, nice to have a panel that stages based on need. The 432 will do % of zones calling so the equipment doesn't run on high unless enough zones are open the equipment doesn't overheat or freeze up.

    Another nice panel is Jackson Systems' Z600 which will stage by stat or by number of zones calling.

    I don't recall the Honeywell's needing any special stats.

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