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    Thermostat recommendation for Lennox G71

    Currently I have a Lennox 51M35 programmable thermostat for my new G71. Is this a sufficient thermostat for the capabilities of the g71? (I suppose I should assume it is since that is what my Lennox installer put in. I guess I am the type that questions alot of things!)

    Also, I noticed in the manual for the 51M35 thermostat that there is a lo/hi icon that works in conjunction with the flame icon. I noticed when my furnace is running that I have neither the lo or hi icon. What would this indicate? Wired wrong?

    If this isn't a sufficient thermostat to get the most out of my G71, what would you all recommend? Thanks for your assistance.

    signed..."cold in WY"
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    that thermostat IF wired right will let the furnace operate properly.

    if you have a/c and want all of the functions the G71 can offer you need a better thermostat.

    most of our G71 installs with a/c get a Honeywell IAQ thermostat.

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