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    I was wondering if you have a vacuum pump if there should be a concern about using it on different systems with different gasses or oils.

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    I wouldnt think so, just make sure you change the oil often to lenghten the life of the pump, ive had emegency situations where ive had to use everything from corn oil to motor oil in my pumps and years later they are still pulling a good vacuum, but i change the oil every 5-6 pumpdows, i think the manufacture recomends changing the oil after evey pumpdown (dont quote me on this) but i use all different gases and ive never had any issues, only time ive ever had problems is on very big refrigeration systems where im using 2 or more pumps, every hour or two we have to drain the water from the valve on the bottom of the pump if not you wont pull much of a vacuum if water gets in the rotor of the pump, good luck

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