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    Trane Varitrac Board smoked

    Hi there,

    I was called to one of our customers to help one of my co-workers with a Trane comm problem. This has been an intermittent issue for months apparently(one that they previously got around by rebooting the tracer panel. We ended up finding that the Varitrac CCP3 Model 50100934 has a blown capacitor. After reinstalling the board the comms did reestablish but this is obviously not acceptable to leave.

    Since we definitely have to replace it, I am sure these Varitrac panels have an address/parameters that will need to be programmed. My question is what software do I need to up/download this information? And where can I get it? (If I can get it). Or is my only option a Trane Tech.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Which vintage of panel do you have? Either way, the panel recognizes what you have installed on the link and require just a bit of manual set-up. The older panels used hyperterminal and the newer panels use the varitrac software that was shipped with the unit. Check around the jobsite for the cd.

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    Thanks for the reply, I'll ask about the disks.
    This is the info I found on the sticker on the board.

    Varitrac CCP3
    Mdl# 50100934
    REV 0C 0722

    BTW I know this is apparent but I'll explain anyway. I am totally new to HVAC Controls.My backround is industrial programmable controllers like Allen Bradley, Omron, GE etc. So just think of me liek a real dumb apprentice

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