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Thread: I hate snow!

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    In wi and Il we got nailed good today. Luckly the boss said stay home

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruntly View Post
    What snow? We haven't had any to speak of yet
    Well, I had to say it, eh? Today it's a thunder-blizzard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger93rsl View Post
    I know exactly how you feel. I spent all day working on a mini split for a server room. It got up to a whole 8º and it took a whole bottle of oxygen to heat the jug up enough to charge the system. I kinked the copper line 3 times, apparently copper don't bend in the cold. At least I left the vacuum pump inside 2 hours before I needed it, but I forgot to fill it up with oil that was in the tool box of my truck. I'm sure the system is over charged because of the added 75' of lineset, but I don't know what the subcooling is because it's too cold for my LCD readout to work on my thermometer. But at this point in the day I really didn't give a rats rear end if the subcooling is off and it was over charged. I had a 20º delt T and the Server room was sitting at 68º and my feet at -10º. I'll take a better look at the charge when warmer weather returns. I just hope I get a little more inside work tomorrow.
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    Have 5" of slush here. Feels like 50 lbs. per shovel full. Is currently raining. The NWS issued a blizzard warning for this evening. I guess the wheel horse will get a work out.

    You got to love it when the rtu you are looking for is buried in a snow drift, or when you disappear in the snow because the roof drops down but the snow doesn't.

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