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    comfortview 3.0 use on window 7

    This is my first post so here it goes. Just got new computer, and now running win 7. Installed comfortview 3.0 on system and updated all the settings to run. Import old files and can see the graphics. But am unable to connect to my ccn. Does anyone know of a way to get drivers or a usb adapter to over come this? Thanks.

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    I had to run Win 7 in XP mode to make the com port drivers work.

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    I have not had a problem with my machine running Comfort View (Windows 7 HP Machine with a 9 Pin Serial Port). I suggest you install Microsoft Loop Back Adapter as first step. This resolves a lot of the issues as sometimes (depending on how you installed the software) it is expecting to be connected to a network. Microsoft Loop Back Adapter helps resolve that portion of the issue.

    I assume you have a Windows 7 Machine that has a true serial port. Comfort View will not run on a USB to Serial port. If you do not have a true 9 pin serial port you will need to utilize Service Tool 5 which supports USB Serial Ports.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance or if I need to further clarify any items.

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    BAS Solutions/

    Thanks. I do have a true 9 pin. And I am running the cview in virtual xp mode. But the computer still will not connect to the ccn. I can see the port in device mang with the ccn II driver loaded. Going to load the loop back and see if that works.

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    So was on phone with Carrier rep and sent an product bulletin # CMB10016. 5 Pages of do this and do that. Still unable to connect to ccn. So carrier is now sending me a ccn to Ethernet card. Have to wait and see if that works. Updates to follow.

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    You did install the loop back adapter?

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    Yes, I did install the loop back adapter. Did not work.

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